Clear petting Ren.


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after you’ve been through like a string of fandoms and you’ve decided your favourite character/s for each one, there will come a day when you will list all your faves from each fandom side by side and look at them carefully and realise

you have a type

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from the stream!!!! a clear and a koujaku in somebody’s hella fine floral leggings with pockets hell ye

it was super fun thank y’all so much for coming and requesting and hangin and stuff!!!!! i hope to do another later heheh

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send me kinks and ill reply with B) or B(

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DRAMAtical cuties

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Thanks for reading! Credit for the lovely poem goes to witchhoney!

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Beautiful Cinnabon AU

Aoba: You’re currently living with your grandma. Right now you work at Cinnabon…It’s not the most exciting job, but you’re pretty sure soon you’re going to be promoted. That is if Sly doesn’t fuck things up like last time. You’ve never been so close to being fired.

Noiz: He’s your co-worker. He’s a lot younger than you an he has a lot of piercings…He’s a bit of a douche to be honest. He was quiet at first but now he’s warmed up to you. One time he stuck his dick in the icing on a dare. You didn’t think he would actually do it. Thank god the manager wasn’t there.

Mink: He’s your manager. He looks rather mean on the outside but he’s actually a pretty nice guy. He’s really good with customers and his butt looks amazing in those tight beige work pants…Wait what? Uh…You mean his chest looks good in that tight shirt..No, no. MOVING ON!

Koujaku: He’s your best friend, you’ve known him since you were kids. He’s always visting your work, it helps liven things up. He always has a different girl with him though..You’re not sure why. Noiz really likes to piss him off. It gives you a laugh.

Clear: He’s a bit of an odd person. He works in the pet store across from your work. He’s incredibly outgoing and loves visiting you. You’re not sure how it started but he attracted to you like a magnet. The company is good for those slow nights. He’s also good to walk home with when it’s dark out since some people mistake you for a girl. He likes to watch you roll the dough.

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Gas Pedal (feat. IamSu)
Sage the Gemini


Gas Pedal (feat. IamSu) - Sage the Gemini

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Eliza Rough Animations 2

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don’t judge a person by their looks, judge them by their ship in shingeki no kyojin.

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